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Jaguar: Lord of the Mayan Jungle
Photographic expedition to track and tag the elusive jaguar in Mexico's Yucatan jungle. Mayan history, and jungle ecology.

General information and facts from Big Cats Online.

Jaguar (Panthera onca)
Fact sheet describes this feline's appearance, habitat, reproduction, and social system. Includes photos. Jaguar
Features a drawing, plus a brief overview describing the cat's markings, den preferences, and eating habits.

Jaguar (Panthera onca)
Facts, photos and videos of the jaguar. Discusses food, habitat, predators, social structure, birth and offspring.

CSG Species Account
Detailed biology and conservation information about the jaguar, from the Cat Specialist Group.

Jaguar Facts
Woodland Park Zoo's fact sheet on Jaguars.

>Kid's Planet Jaguar

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IUCN Red List of Threatened Species
Provides a list of animals that are endangered and tells how they are being threatened.

Presentation of animals and fungi that may become extinct in the wild, without help. Includes a photo gallery of those under threat.

Endangered Species Picture Book
Tells what endangered species are and looks at some of the factors that threaten their existence. Also provides printable coloring pages that tell about 20 endangered creatures.

Kids' Planet: Especies Fact Sheets
Explains the "Endangered Species Act" and how it is designed to protect certain species from extinction. Animals are listed by continent, with description, habitat, and specific environmental threats.

World Wildlife Fund: Endangered Species
Explores the challenges facing tigers, pandas, rhinos, whales, other species. Includes factsheets, information on illegal wildlife trade, and information about steps the average person can take help save these creatures.

World Wildlife Fund: Kids
Information and activities related to wildlife and endangered species.

The Wild Ones
Introduces the animals that are at risk and the people who are working to help them. Also features related student work. In English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Endangered Species
Learn what causes this, reasons for saving these animals, ways to help, photo gallery, and concerned organizations. Includes a United States map that shows which creatures are in danger of becoming extinct in the near future.

Bagheera Endangered Species
Learn about ani
mals that are vanishing and species which have already become extinct. Explore the factors that threaten creatures around the world, and find out what can be done to improve their chances of survival.

Animal Information
Biology, ecology, habitat, and status of rare, threatened, and endangered species of mammals and information in their native countries. Topics of interest are biodiversity, ecosystems, population, and land use.

Endangered Earth
Describes the plight of endangered animals around the world.

Expedition : Endangered
From the American Museum of Natural History. An interactive guide about endangered species.

Endangered Species 2000
Provides information about the causes for extinction, facts about certain animals, and a media gallery of rare wildlife.

International Snow Leopard Trust
Learn about these big cats, where they live, and how they need help to survive. Play games, take a quiz, or see photos.

Dragon Search
Information about the rare seadragon, with photographs, video, and a survey of sightings in Australian waters.

Endangered TV
Video clips depict the plights of animals that are at risk. Requires Windows Media Player.

SchoolWorld Endangered Species Project
Collection of reports written by K-12 students around the world.

Wildlife's Last Resort
The guests that live here are high on the endangered species list. Check in and learn about these troubled fellas. Requires Flash plug-in.

Endangered New Jersey
Information on endangered species and specifically on the endangered and threatened species of New Jersey. A Thinkquest Junior site.

EcoKids: Wildlife
Learn about endangered amphibians, birds, insects, mammals, plants, and underwater creatures. Wildlife word games, colouring sheets, and activities.

Habitat Adventure: Panda Challenge
Interactive multimedia game to create a forest habitat for endangered species. Involves using virtual binoculars and cameras, as well as online identification of sounds and animal tracks.

World Endangered Species
Facts, photos, and slide shows about the creatures that are disappearing from Planet Earth.

Wildlife Crimebusters
Find out how supersleuth scientists gather evidence to help solve crimes against animals. From National Geographic World.
Explores the challenges facing New Zealand's Brown Teal. Includes factsheets, interactive simulations, information on their decline, and steps the average person can take to help save these beautiful birds from extinction.

(Wildlife profiles)

Bullfrog: Rana catesbeiana
 (Wildlife profiles)
by Sarah Friday

2. 		Bobcat: Felis rufus
 (Wildlife profiles)
by Dan Bryant

3. 		Eastern cougar: Felis concolor 
(Wildlife profiles)
by Allison Mains

4. 		Red wolf: Canis rufus (Wildlife profiles)
by Kevin Franks

5. 		Clapper rail: Rallus longirostris
 (Wildlife profiles)
by Joe Fuller

6. 		Red fox: Vulpes vulpes 
(Wildlife profiles)
by Karen A Day

7. 		River otter: Lutra canadensis lataxina 
(Wildlife profiles)
by Perry W Sumner

8. 		Diamondback terrapin: Malaclemys terrapin 
(Wildlife profiles)
by Therese Conant

9. 		Canada goose: Branta canadensis 
(Wildlife profiles)
by Kyle Martin

10. 		Striped skunk: Mephitis mephitis
 (Wildlife profiles)
by Elizabeth T. I James 

Mink: Mustela vison (Wildlife profiles)
by Perry W Sumner

12. 		Golden garden spider: Argiope aurantia 
(Wildlife profiles)
by Anne Hice

13. 		Osprey: Pandion haliaetus
 (Wildlife profiles)
by Thomas M Henson

14. 		Canvasback duck: Aythya valisineria 
(Wildlife profiles)
by Jay D Davis

15. 		Wood duck: Aix sponsa
 (Wildlife profiles)
by Sarah Friday

16. 		Black bear: Ursus americanus
 (Wildlife profiles)
by Jane Krupnick

17. 		Tar spiny mussel: Elliptio steinstansana 
(Wildlife profiles)
by Chris McGrath

18. 		Raccoon: Procyon lotor
 (Wildlife profiles)
by David Sawyer

19. 		Red-shouldered hawk: Buteo lineatus 
(Wildlife profiles)
by Allen Boynton

20. 		Hellbender: Cryptobranchus alleganiensis 
(Wildlife profiles)
by Theron Jackson

Humpback whale: Megaptera novaeangliae
 (Wildlife profiles)
by Therese Conant

22. 		Eastern cottonmouth: Agkistrodon picivorus 
(Wildlife profiles)
by Therese Conant

23. 		Mayfly: Hexagenia sp 
(Wildlife profiles)
by David Penrose

24. 		Red drum: Sciaenops ocellatus
 (Wildlife profiles)
by Bennett Wynne

25. 		Tiger salamander: Ambystoma tigrinum 
(Wildlife profiles)
by Sarah Friday

26. 		Largemouth bass: Micropterus salmoides 
(Wildlife profiles)
by Wayne Jones

27. 		Black duck: Anas rubripes 
(Wildlife profiles)
by Joe Fuller

28. 	Wild boar: Sus scrofa 
(Wildlife profiles)
by Julie Sheaton

29. 	Wild turkey: Meleagris gallopavo
 (Wildlife profiles)
by Brad Howard

30. 	Bog turtle: Clemmys muhlenbergii
 (Wildlife profiles)
by Allen Boynton  

White-tailed deer: Odocoileus virginianus
 (Wildlife profiles)
by Chris Hartigan

32. 		Shortnose sturgeon: Acipenser brevirostrum
 (Wildlife profiles)
by Keith W Ashley

33. 		Bobwhite quail: Colinus virginianus 
(Wildlife profiles)
by Anthony R Meadows

34. 		Black crappie: Pomoxis nigromaculatus 
(Wildlife profiles)
by Brad E Hammers

35. 		Coyote: Canis latrans 
(Wildlife profiles)
by Jack Thomas

36. 		Brook trout: Salvelinus fontinalis
 (Wildlife profiles)
by Mark S Davis

37. 		Mourning dove: Zenaida macroura 
(Wildlife profiles)
by Dale Threatt-Taylor

38. 		Beaver: Castor canadensis 
(Wildlife profiles)
by Chris McGrath

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